Publication of unpublished manuscripts, critical editions of manuscripts, seminar papers, lectures etc. occupy a position of prime emphasis in the scheme of things undertaken  by the NMM. The NMM has started five primary series –Tattvabodha (lecture papers), Kritibodha (critical editions), Samikshika (seminar papers), Samrakshika (papers of seminars on conservation), Prakashika and Kriti Rakshana (Bi-monthly magazine) - besides other publications. So far NMM has published six volumes under Tattvabodha series, six volumes under Kritibodha, eleven under Samikshika, two under Samrakshika and thirty six under Prakashika Series, 27 under Kritit Rakshana and seven descriptive catalogues.


Criteria and guidelines for the publicationes of unpublished manucripts through the National Mission for Manuscripts


  1. Manuscripts must be old, at least more than 75 years.
  2. It has to be an unpublished manuscript.
  3. Name of the Work/manuscript text and the subject-matter of the text has to be mentioned.
  4. The applicant scholar should explain the importance of the unpublished manuscript.
  5. The volume of the manuscript has to be mentioned (how many folios etc.)
  6. The script and language of the manuscript must be mentioned.
  7. The detail of the work, the applicant scholar intends to do –
  • Critical edition [Must]
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Annotations
  • Commentary
  • Any other related matter
  1. In the case of single copy manuscript, the facsimile copy with detail Introduction is to be produced.
  2. If possible, photocopy of few pages of manuscript can be attached with the application.
  3. The applicant scholar should present his/her educational qualifications and experience in the field.
  4. Once the proposal is received, the mission presents the proposal before its “Publication Advisory/Expert Committee”. If the Committee approves the project for publication by the Mission, then the scholar should be informed and an MoU will be prepared duly signed by the scholar and the competent authority of the NMM. The MoU contains all the details of expenditure, honorarium etc.

    The Mission bears entire cost incurred by the scholar for the related project as per the rates approved by the NMM. It includes travel to various institutions for the project, along with contingency, collation, transcription, translation, Index, bibliography, Introduction, type-setting, proof reading etc. The complete project has to be submitted to the NMM and the Mission will print and publish having the scholar’s name as the Editor and the scholar will get 20 complementary copies.

    For further clarification, Dr. Sanghamitra Basu, Coordinator, Publication can be contacted (Mob: 9810977008).