Kriti Rakshana is the bi-monthly publication of National Mission for Manuscripts. Started in August 2005, it is published once every two months and is distributed free of cost, to all universities and public libraries in the country. It is also sent to select scholars and foreign institutes that have an interest in Indian manuscripts.

    The regular features of Kriti Rakshana , which appear in every issue are listed below:
    • Quiz on Indian manuscripts – to generate interest in various aspects of manuscripts
    • Institute in Focus – an overview of an Indian organization that has worked with manuscripts over a period of many decades or centuries     
    • Manuscript in Focus – a brief description of a significant manuscript/text and its contents     
    • Summary of Events – past and present activities of the Mission, for those interested in knowing the areas we are working in  

    Working with the belief that the public would be more interested in maintaining and preserving their heritage if they understood it better, Kriti Rakshana attempts to provide access to information on Indian manuscripts and their traditions to as many people as possible.