Starting from the Vedic period, ancient Indian society has made all kinds of efforts to excel as a knowledge society. Inquire into an ultimate objective of human life steered the society throughout the ages and this inquisitiveness subsequently turned out to be the focal point of the intellectual discourse. The true nature of multiplicity in the society facilitated the discourse and became more intensive and substantive in course of time. This uninterrupted flow of discourse helped to shape up the Indian intellectual tradition in the multidimensional phenomenon and vice versa. Several theories were propounded by different schools of thoughts in different times suggesting ways of achieving that ultimate aim or objective.

    These theories were made immune to criticism further by creative explanations and significant interpretations by great succeeding scholars of these schools of thoughts. The tradition left no issue untouched for intellection, which eventually gave rise to prolific writings the country fortunately inherits today. These writings deal with wide range of subjects like Veda, Vedanta, Darshan, Ayurveda, Aesthetic, Astronomy, Astrology, Yoga, Vastu, Mathematics, Linguistics and many such other subjects written in different ancient scripts and in different Indian languages.