Digitization of manuscripts as means of protecting and documenting textual heritage has emerged as an important field in recent times. With the advancement of information technology, digitization promises documentation and preservation of original texts, facilitating at the same time, greater access for scholars and researchers. In 2004, the Mission had initiated a Pilot Project of Digitization, aiming at digitizing several caches of manuscripts across the country. In 2006, the Pilot Project was completed, with the Mission setting standards and guidelines for digitization. New projects were taken up, targeting some of the most important manuscript collections of the country. The second and Third phase of digitization was successfully completed and the major part of the estimated work has been done under the Fourth Phase of Digitization. With the fresh digitization projects, the Mission seeks to create a digital resource base for manuscripts.

      Objectives of digitization

      1. Digital preservation of the original manuscripts for posterity
      2. Promotion of access and usage for scholars and researchers, without tampering with original copies
      3. Creation of a digital library as a resource base of the digitized copies of some of the significant manuscript collections of the country
      4. Creation of standards and procedures for digitization of manuscripts