India has perhaps the largest number of manuscripts in the world. Scripts, Languages and Subjects of Indian manuscripts are immensely diverse. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of scholarship in the country to extract minimum information about manuscripts for their documentation let alone editing, publishing, transliterating or translating them. Most of the language experts are unskilled in terms of knowledge of ancient scripts to work upon manuscripts. Hence, the Mission attempts to create a resource pool by introducing short term courses like ‘Basic Level’ and ‘Advanced level’ workshops on Manuscriptology and Palaeography in sync with its objectives of the Mission. The course familiarises students with local script prevalent in their area as well as ancient scripts like Brahmi, Sharada, Modi, Grantha, Tigalari etc. in which a number of manuscripts are found all over the country. In addition, the course covers aspects of cataloguing and practical training in transcription, collation and critical editing. Various aspects of conservation and preservation of manuscripts are also included in these courses. The faculty consists of the senior scholars in the country representing different disciplines in Manuscriptology and Palaeography.

      List of self learning tutorials for different old scripts present for user to learn ancient scripts.