Outreach Programmes

      The NMM seeks not merely to locate, catalogue and preserve India’s manuscripts, but to enhance access, spread awareness and encourage use of the knowledge content therein for educational purposes.

      The Mission seeks to bring the several facets of knowledge contained in manuscripts to the public through lectures, seminars, publications and specially designed programmes for school children and university students.

      We have a series of lectures titled ‘Tattvabodha’ in which we invite scholars representing different intellectual disciplines to share their thoughts with the public at large. The primary aim of this series is to bring the most eminent scholars of Indian knowledge systems to a forum where they can present their ideas and interact with interested members of the public. We have instituted this as a monthly lecture series in Delhi, and also in other parts of the country, wherever possible.  In the course of this series, we were honoured to have most eminent scholars in the field of Indology, especially manuscript studies. So far, this has been a successful programme and we are also publishing the papers presented with the permission of the speakers.

      The objectives of the outreach programmes are:

      • Creation of a platform for discussion, debate and critical engagement with manuscripts,
      • Promotion of awareness and understanding of the manuscript heritage of India
      • Generation of interest, awareness and knowledge of the manuscripts among the general populace.