Do you have Manuscripts with you ?

      If you have Manuscripts present with you, you may wish to contact the National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM) for getting the Manuscripts documented as well as digitized by us. You may also get the Manuscripts documented from the nearest Manuscripts Resource Centre MRC).  If manuscripts are found in damaged condition or if you need more information on keeping you manuscripts safely, contact your nearest MCC (Manuscripts conservation Centre). However, there are a few guidelines which should be followed by everyone who have Manuscripts with them:

      1. Keep manuscripts away from fire, water, insects, dust and dirt.
      2. Storage areas should be maintained clean and the waste and condemned furniture should not be stacked in the storage.
      3. In order to avoid wastage of space in the storage as well as to avoid dust, slotted angle shelves should be arranged with different sized boxes containing objects to fit in the space available.
      4. The R.H. and temperature should be maintained at the optimum level and it should be monitored regularly.
      5. When scholars are allowed to study the reserve collection pencil only should be allowed for writing. Otherwise there is a likelihood of objects being stained by ink.
      6. Open fire should never be used even in the form of lamps as it is risk of fire hazard to the furniture.
      7. When metal manuscripts are removed from higher shelves ladders should be used with care to avoid the fall of manuscripts.
      8. Manuscripts should never be kept near windows as it will attract moisture and dust.
      9. Proper padding should be placed under heavy objects in order to avoid scratching and facilitate lifting or handling them.
      10. No object should be directly placed on the floor.
      11. Avoid direct exposure of light and moisture, but provide proper air circulation.
      12. Avoid piling up and bundling of manuscripts.
      13. Clean manuscripts with a soft cotton cloth.
      14. Pat with neem juice, eucalyptus oil or clove oil to keep the palm folios fresh.
      15. Attach wooden/mount board supports to the manuscripts.
      16. Wrap manuscripts preferably in acid-free paper or a red cloth and tie them tightly using strings and store them in almirahs/cupboards.
      17. Keep insect repellents like neem leaves, tobacco leaves, tulsi, pepper or turmeric with manuscripts near the storage area.
      18. Avoid use of cello tapes or adhesives to repair manuscripts.
      19. Smoking and consuming alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited in the area used for storing the manuscript.




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